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Teen Learning

Teen Learning Course Descriptions

7th, 8th and 9th Graders with Deborah Mintz:

Exploring Jewish Identity in the Diaspora

Utilizing traditional text, contemporary literature, art, music, history and politics, and more, students will explore the complex question of Jewish identity in the Diaspora overall, and in the United States in particular. Key questions explored include: how does my personal history fit in with the history of my community? How has Judaism shifted and changed over time, and where do I fit in to this shift? How do the Diaspora Jewish community and the Jewish community of Israel relate to one another? Alongside in-depth study and discussion, students will have the unique opportunity to complete projects in conjunction with Shir Chadash’s Oral History initiative.


10th, 11th, and 12th Graders with Rabbi Ethan Linden:

Israel: Land, State and Complexity

This course will dive deeply into the creation, history and current situation of the State of Israel.  We will discuss early Zionism, contemporary challenges to Israel’s existence and many things in-between.  The goal of this class is not to advocate for a particular political position for the myriad of wrenching questions facing the State of Israel, nor is it our hope that students will come away from the class with any specific set of ideas about what Israel is or should be.  Rather, the goal is to broadly yet in a nuanced way educate our soon-to-be college students about the state of Israel, and argue for the importance of keeping abreast of events in broader Middle East.  As in the past, the basis of this class will be texts and class discussion.