Pre K – 6th Grade Religious School

Every class in the religious school engages with:

Text – Torah

  • Jewish bookshelf (Torah, Tanach, Rabbinic literature) stories, and liturgy
  • Hebrew decoding, reading texts in Hebrew, Hebrew as an ancient language

Ritual – Avodah

  • Holiday and Shabbat observance, mitzvot, prayer, Jewish action, Jewish time
  • Hebrew terminology for prayer and ritual, praying in Hebrew, Hebrew as an ancient language

Identity – Zehut

  • Global Jewish history, Israel, the arts, food, pluralism, American Judaism, the Jewish self
  • Hebrew as a living language of the Jewish people, spoken Hebrew, Hebrew writing

Values – Midot

  • Tzedakah, tikkun olam, ethical mitzvot, treating one another with respect, etc
  • Immersing in Hebrew terminology for universal values as a way to connect Jewishly to said values


Religious School Terminology To Know:

Kabbalat Kehillah-Community Welcome. The whole school comes together for Kabbalat Kehillah at 9 am on Sundays for songs, blessings, and more.


Yahadut-Judaic Studies. All classes have Yahadut, focused on their class curricular themes.


Ivrit-Hebrew. All classes study Ivrit as both an ancient and modern language.


Tfilah-Prayer. All classes have a short Tfilah session each Sunday morning, using instruments and creative ritual.


Shira-Song Session. Song sessions are periodically incorporated into Kabbalat Kehillah, as well as individual classes.


Omanut-Art. Omanut is periodically incorporated to individual classes’ Yahadut and Ivrit classes.


Parshat Hashavuah-Torah portion of the week. Parshat Hashavuah is incorporated into Kabbalat Kehillah, as well as into select Yahadut classes.


Chugim-Game time. All classes have a short block devoted to Jewish-themed chugim each week.


Hafsakah-Snack break. All classes have a short block for a hafsakah that includes healthy kosher snacks and outdoor play.


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