Shir Chadash Men’s Club Bylaws

Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the “Shir Chadash Men’s Club”

Article II. Purposes

A.   To promote a more thorough knowledge and appreciation of Jewish heritage
B.   To strengthen the involvement of the members in the life of the congregation
C.   To stimulate social religious and cultural activities among the members and in the community at large
D.  To working diligently for the sake of Tikkon Olam and prepare for the coming of the Messiah
E.  To train the leaders for the Synagogue and Jewish Community

Article III. Membership

A. Those eligible for membership in the Men’s Club shall be:

                   1.  For regular membership, any Jewish male member of the congregation.
                   2. For Honorary Membership, any person so designated by resolution of the Club.

B. Except for Honorary Membership, an eligible person shall be admitted to membership upon application together with payment of current dues.

C. A member shall be considered in good standing through adherence to the bylaws of the Synagogue and of the Men’s Club and the timely payment of clues.

Article IV. Dues and fiscal year

A. The fiscal year of the Men’s Club shall run from July 1 to June 30

B. Dues shall be payable annually on the first day of the fiscal year.

C. The amount of the dues shall be determined by resolution of the Men’s Club.

Article V. Officers, term of office, method of election

A. The club shall have the following 5 officers and 4 Chairs: President, Vice President, Secretary, Chaplain, Treasurer, Membership Chairman, Social Chairman, Youth Chairman and Athletic Chairman. Each officer shall have the duties associated with his title and additional duties as determined by resolution of the Club.

B. Officers shall serve 2 year terms. Chairs shall serve I year terms.

C. One half of the vacancies shall be filled by appointment of the president