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About Us

Shir Chadash is the only Conservative Synagogue in the Greater New Orleans area.  Five years ago, Hurricane Katrina battered our building and our community.  Though we were the first New Orleans synagogue to hold services after Katrina, the storm and its aftermath have left a lasting impression on our community.  We are a smaller synagogue than we were five years ago, but we have also benefited tremendously from the spirit and energy of the thousands of Jews who have moved to New Orleans since Katrina.  We are proud to be the new Jewish home for many of those newcomers to our community.

We are equally proud to be celebrating the fiftieth year of Conservative Judaism in New Orleans, and we are blessed that several of our founding members, as well as many of our early adopters are still active members of Shir Chadash.  We strive to embody the best aspects of the Conservative Movement: passion and egalitarianism in prayer, intellectual engagement in Jewish texts, a commitment to Jewish life and a deep yearning to work for a better world.  To that end, we focus our efforts on participatory lay-led prayer services, on exceptional and wide-ranging educational offerings  for people of all ages, on a deep sense of the power of Jewish community, and on efforts to improve our local community.

We strive to be a warm and friendly place, a haimish environment for prayer, study and community.  Shir Chadash is a dynamic, vibrant, and exceptional synagogue, a place of prayer, learning, caring and commitment.  We are proud of what we have accomplished over the past fifty years, and we are especially proud of our resilience over the past five.  We have come a long way since those storm-swept days in August of 2005, but we are not finished recreating and rebuilding.  The work goes on.  Join us.

To learn more about Shir Chadash, take some time to watch this fantastic video presentation celebrating 50 years of Conservative Judaism in New Orleans.